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Photo from realclearsports.com

Photo from realclearsports.com

Fans, congratulations for making it to the most annoying week of the NFL year:  NFL Draft week.  That’s right; this is the week for all of you to annoy everyone else with your picks on who would help your favorite team the most.

Well color me red, but I could care less.  That’s right.  You heard it here first; I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE WEEK LEADING UP TO THE NFL DRAFT.  You’re shocked, I know; but let’s face it, isn’t it a little over blown?

Fan bases arguing amongst other fan bases.  Fans of teams arguing amongst themselves.  All over what?  A player that may never see the green grass of the field they are arguing about?You know there is a little part of you that agrees with me on this topic.  Why give yourself a stroke stressing over something you have no control anyways?  You can argue, debate, fight, or whatever else tickles your fancy about a certain player that intrigues you.  In the end, does your opinion matter in the slightest?

Before you answer that question, sit back and reminisce a second on previous drafts.  Do you remember what being in the war room was like?  Do you remember making those last second phone calls to other teams to wheel and deal for the player that would help your team?  Remember what it was like to shake the hand of your first overall pick?

I bet I know the answer to all of those questions.  And you know what?  By process of elimination, that means I know that answer to the question on whether your opinion matters to your favorite team.  Guess what that answer is?  That’s right folks, it’s NO.

Just remember, the next time you feel the need to inform me of the best player to fit your team’s needs, it would probably be best for you to clam up and keep your opinion to yourself.  After all, you’re just going to be pissed off over three days at the end of April anyhow.  Why not save your anxiety medication for then.