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brutusIt has been a while since I have compiled a Top 10 list, and this being SnarkSprts and all, what better list to create than the worst mascots in college football?

Believe me, there is no shortage of mascots to choose from.  Everything from Brutus at Ohio State (he would make my honorable mentions list), to Bucky Bronco at Boise State, there are some horrendous mascots in college football.

Let’s get started with my selections of the worst mascots in college football.


10.        University of California – Oksi



Oski may be the oldest bear mascot in California, but isn’t it time to move on Cal?  Oski looks like a cross between Yogi Bear and a chipmunk.  Doesn’t that just get your blood pumping to play some football?  More like getting ready for a picnic.


9.         Penn State – The Nittany Lion

Lion works to fire up the crowd Saturday during the Akron game.



Isn’t he so adorable?  An oversized, footy pajama looking mascot costume that screams, well… never mind.  For a school looking to clean up its image in the wake of everything that has happened in the last couple of years, maybe they should start right here.


8.         University of Nebraska – Lil Red




Bob’s Big Boy, anyone?  For those of you in the south, you will get this reference.  Doesn’t it scream Shoney’s from the 80s?


7.         University of Toledo – Rocky




Yes, Toledo is known as the Rockets, but couldn’t the powers that be come up with a better looking mascot than a Power Ranger?  College football is traditionally played on Saturdays; however, Rocky belongs on a Saturday morning children’s sitcom.


6.         University of Akron – Zippy




This lovable kangaroo is the mascot that runs around during Zips’ games.  That’s right, a kangaroo.  And their saying?  Fear the roo!  Go home Akron, you’re drunk!


5.         Western Kentucky University – Big Red



I’ll be honest here, I have no idea what Big Red is.  This big, red (no pun intended) blob patrols the sidelines and the stands in Bolling Green on football Saturdays.  Could they not get a license for Clifford the Big Red Dog?


4.         Stanford University – The Tree




Anyone that follows college athletics knows Stanford is known as the Cardinal.  As in, the color.  As in, how do you come up with a mascot for a color?  Oh, you silly Palo Alto students, you!  Why not choose a tree?  Nothing screams speed and power like, well, a tree?


3.         University of Louisiana – Lafayette – Cayenne




The Ragin Cajuns!  That’s right, instead of finding some sort of a Cajun mascot, the school went in a different kind of direction.  Louisiana-Lafayette decided to use an ingredient in Cajun food.  But why not a life-sized Cayenne Pepper?  I really don’t know what else to say.


2.         Delta State University – Fighting Okra




Delta State, home of the Statesmen.  And another school that goes away from their moniker and chooses food as a mascot.  What is the deal with this anyway?  Can someone explain that to me?


1.         Dartmouth UniversityKeggy the Keg



Dartmouth is one of those unfortunate schools that have no official mascot.  The student body came together and determined that Keggy the Keg would fit perfectly on the football sidelines on Saturdays.  Other than he looks like the castaway “Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz, I can’t say I blame the student body one bit.  Can you?