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Photo from bostondirtdogs.boston.com

Photo from bostondirtdogs.boston.com

Most days I really enjoy paying attention to my twitter timeline.  Most days.  Then there are days, say after an important game, that twitter can be very annoying and depressing.  Sadly, between yesterday and today, my timeline has become one of those other days.

I understand fans of teams can be ravenous.  Hell, I get a little testy when my favorite teams don’t do as well I as would like for them to do.  That’s one thing.  To become annoying and make excuses is another.

There was a particular game within the last couple of days that I watched.  One of the participants in said game was a team that I follow.  Closely.  This team, much like the first game played, found themselves in a deep hole early in the game.

There were mitigating factors in their disappointing and quite frankly, disgusting play, that lead to them getting blown out in the first half.  Yes, referees were part of the problem, but not THE problem.  As I recall, the team missed 7 straight layups in one possession. 

In the second half of this game, the referees cannot be blamed at all.  The team came back from that large deficit to extend the game into overtime.  If anything, the referees called the game the opposite way in the second half, with many calls going against the opposition.

The team I follow ultimately went on to lose in the overtime period.  It was a heartbreaking loss, especially after the valiant comeback they made to even force overtime.  The next ensuing days is what has made twitter unbearable.

The fan base of the team I follow has completely gone nuts and have decided to blame the loss on the referees and the calls they made.  Were there some bad calls?  Yes, of course.  Were the referees the sole and complete reason the team lost?  No.

This goes for any team, in any sport, when I say this.  Rarely, and I mean almost never, are the referees or officials the reason for a loss.  It is up to every team, every player, every participant, to pull out a victory. 

To put the blame on officials for your favorite team’s loss is ludicrous.  Am I saying not to complain about officiating?  Not at all.  Everyone does and will continue to do that.  Me included.  Just don’t put the onus on them for your team’s dismal play.

Please twitter sports’ fan bases, help out the rest of us twitter users.  Help us out by not being that person that can’t accept a loss for what it is.  I moved on.  Hell, I was over it within 10 minutes of the final horn.  I was already looking forward to the next game.  You can as well.