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2013_MLB_All-Star_Game_LogoFor die hard baseball enthusiasts, today is the official, unofficial midway point of the season.  That’s right, it’s All Star Game day.

I would like to say that I care about watching the game, but thanks to Commissioner Bud Selig, the game has become what I would refer to as watered down and is pointless.  Yes, thanks to his own stupidity back in 2002, he made the All Star Game winner the league with home field advantage in the World Series; however, should that really be what the game is about?

Remember back when the All Star Game was fun for the fans and players alike?  Yup, that was before we had Selig in charge.  That was back when he was simply just the owner of the Milwaukee Brewers.

If Selig really wants to create a lasting legacy before he retires as Commissioner, he needs to rescind this goofy rule about the All Star Game winner having home field advantage.  The World Series league with home field advantage should be determined just like it used to be, and just like in basketball and hockey, the team with the best overall record during the season.

Some may argue the All Star Game is more competitive now than it ever has been, but is that what the game is really all about?  All Star games should be about fun.  No matter the sport.  Just think back to when you were a kid.  Did you want to participate in your all star game and have to worry about making sure you won?  I know I didn’t.

Imagine if David Stern, or Adam Silver, decided to make the NBA All Star Game decide home court advantage during The Finals?  How do you think that would go over?

Bud Selig, do the right thing.  Before you step away from the game of baseball, bring the All Star Game back to what it used to be.  Let the players and fans enjoy the all star experience.  Don’t continue to let the World Series ride on an exhibition game that occurs mid-season.  Fix this.