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It’s been almost six months since I last posted to Snark Sports.  It’s been far too long.  With that said, let’s all take a look at something that to me is a big deal; the Pro Bowl.

News came out today that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is thinking of abolishing the extra point after touchdowns, and setting a new point value.  I’m no casual football fan.  In fact, I borderline obsessive.  What good does taking the extra point away do to the game of football?

It doesn’t help with safety.  Maybe it will speed the game up by a few seconds?  Oh wait, maybe all the official reviews being taken away will do more good for the speed of the game.  Seems like a pointless rules change in my opinion.  And yes, all puns intended.

If Roger Goodell wants to do something for the betterment of the game in terms of the NFL, maybe he should look at abolishing the Pro Bowl.  When was the last time anyone outside the state of Hawaii cared about the game anyways?

The game over the last several years has become something resembling a traveling carnival side-show.  A couple of years ago, players were allowed to live tweet from the sidelines during the game.  This season, instead of breaking the teams down by conference, players were voted for overall.  Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice will be “drafting” their respective teams that will play at Aloha Stadium.  If this doesn’t scream clown show, I don’t know what does.

What about the year that Goodell thought it would be a great idea to move the game from Oahu to Miami?  Yeah, that went over well.  The madness doesn’t end there.  The Pro Bowl was moved to the weekend before the Super Bowl.  Any Pro Bowler selected to the team that makes the Super Bowl can no longer participate.  Guess we can just let anyone play in the game now.

If Roger Goodell wants to do something to help the NFL, either make the NFL’s version on an All Star game relevant, our kill it off altogether.

MLB has the Home Run Derby as part of their All Star festivities.  Not to mention the celebrity softball game.  The NBA has its skill competition, dunk contest, 3 point contest, as well as a celebrity game.  The NHL has a skill competition.

The MLB game, while I don’t agree with it, makes a difference in home field advantage for the World Series.  The NBA All Star Game is always full of high-flying highlights.  The NHL works theirs around pitting the best players from the States against the best players around the World.  What does the NFL do?

There is no hitting.  Can’t rush a kicker.  Sideline tweeting.  Hell, that makes me want to watch.  Or just no.

Sometimes I wonder if Pete Rozelle is rolling over in his grave by the shenanigans of Roger Goodell.  This NFL is not what I grew up watching in the mid to late 80s.  Not even sure it’s the same NFL as the 90s when Paul Tagliabue was manning the helm.  What I do know, the Pro Bowl is a waste of a game, and needs to disappear.